D.A. Compelled to Drop Robbery Count – Tuolumne Case CCRF48690

On July 5, 2016 a Friedman Law Firm client was sentenced to an effective three years in state prison for a series of narcotic violations. Client faced a maximum punishment of 15 years, and a violent “strike” count for robbery, which would have necessitated that he serve 85% of his total sentence.

Ryan Friedman, client’s attorney, vigorously fought against the State’s attempt to prosecute client for a felony violation of PC 211, robbery, a violent “strike.” This charge was unfounded, and based upon the unreliable testimony of a witness that the State knew was questionable. Nevertheless, the State continued to pursue the unwarranted robbery charges against client because of his unpopular position in the community.

Mr. Friedman was eventually able to get the State to capitulate on the robbery count, which dropped client’s exposure down to 9 years at 50% custody credits. Still not satisfied, Mr. Friedman pushed back at the District Attorney’s Office further to seek further reductions in sentencing. The District Attorney backed down and offered  a stipulated sentence of an effective 3 years, non-strike, which represents a nearly 75% reduction in the plea bargain since Mr. Friedman took over the case from the public defender.