Compassionate Attorneys Who Solve Problems

We go the extra mile for our clients because their problems are our problems. The Friedman Law Firm is a team of highly competitive attorneys and professional support staff. We take each of our cases personally. Everyday in court, we are motivated to fight against the injustice our clients face. Be it to defend against false or exaggerated criminal charges, or to stop the deportation process that tears families apart, the Friedman Law Firm feels a personal loyalty to those clients whom we have the honor to represent.


Our focus areas consist of criminal defense, immigration, and personal injury. We have a demonstrated track record defending against criminal charges that range from simple infractions all the way to homicide. In the immigration arena, we have successfully fought to keep our clients in the United States by winning asylum, cancelation of removal, and criminal removal proceedings. On the personal injury front, we have successfully fought against insurance companies who either undervalue or look for excuses to deny fair compensation for our client’s injuries. Also, we have won cases that involve the suspension and/or revocation of our client’s livelihood, through aggressive professional and occupational license defense.

Ryan is fantastic! He’s worth his weight in gold and totally helped rebuild my life by defending me. Professional, assertive, aggressive, and no-nonsense. He’s the genuine article and sincerely believes in defending the accused. He’s a good man and a GREAT attorney. — Alex F.”

The Friedman Law Firm is located on the bank of the Sacramento River, in the Riverbank Marina complex, conveniently located minutes from downtown. Our staff is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, and Armenian.

Ryan and his team were very persistent in my case. They really invest themselves in their job, getting maximum results. I was facing a year in jail for two counts of theft. Ryan and his team got them dismissed. I’m deeply grateful for what they did. They cleared my name. — Juan L.”

Free consultations are generally available for criminal and immigration matters. Call us at 916-800-4454.