District Attorney Agrees to Dismiss Felony Firearms Case for Illegal Search — Tehama Case 18CR001868

Officers responded to a call of shots fired in a rural neighborhood. The suspect vehicle was described as a white mini van with a male driver.

Client, a female, was driving a white mini van in the area. She was pulled over by officers, who determined that she lived in the same rural area where shots were reported to have been fired. When asked if she had a firearm, she stated “yes” and that it was at her home. Client was detained, and driven back to her residence. Simultaneously, officers conducted a search of client’s home, which yielded a .22 rifle. Client was subsequently arrested and charged with felony firearms violations.

Attorney Friedman filed a Motion to Suppress, arguing that the police lacked reasonable suspicion to pull the client over. Friedman further argued that the search of the client’s home was accomplished without a warrant, and without client’s permission. Upon review of Friedman’s request for a hearing, the District Attorney wisely chose to dismiss the case!