About Us

Competent attorneys are knowledgeable about the law, but excellent attorneys are knowledgeable about both their client’s needs and how the law affects those needs. At the Friedman Law Firm, an understanding of our client’s case begins at the intersection of the law and its practical, real world effects on our client’s life.


Each client’s case tells a story. Some stories may involve fleeing from a foreign, oppressive government in search of asylum. Other stories may involve oppression from our own government, when a client finds themselves wrongfully accused of a crime that they didn’t commit. By understanding our client’s story, we’re able to develop effective legal strategies and help navigate the stress and anxiety associated with litigation. Knowledge and familiarity with the process is essential to reliving feelings of uncertainty. The more a client knows and understands about the process and their case, the more relief they will feel.


At the Friedman Law Firm, we work closely with our clients so that they are included in the decision making process. Each important decision is made by the client, with the attorney’s role being to provide the client with options and answers about varies pathways that a case can take. We’ll discuss the risks and rewards of proposed courses of action to help the client decide whether or not to accept a settlement or to continue with litigation.


Over 75% of our diverse staff is bi-lingual. We have assisted clients from all over the word with a variety of problems. If one spends a day in the Friedman Law Firm offices, they would regularly hear English, Spanish, Armenian, and Russian languages spoken. The Sacramento area is a global community, and our office has the capacity to serve the area’s diverse population and needs.


We take each of our cases personally, and strive to achieve the best results possible for our clients. We do this not only because its in our competitive nature, but because we genuinely care and empathize for how a case can affect a person, their relationships, and their standing in the community. At the Friedman Law Firm, your case is our case, your problem is our problem, and your success is our success.