Multi-DUI Offender Spared 5 Year State Prison Sentence – Sacramento Case 18FE016077

Sometimes the facts of the case are horrific, and the evidence overwhelmingly points to guilt. In these instances, it’s crucial for the accused to have an experienced defense attorney who manage the case and direct the client to make the best of a terrible situation in order to achieve a superior result.

In Sacramento Case 18FE016077, client had 3 previous DUI convictions. Client then picked up a 4th DUI by driving the wrong-way down the freeway and getting into a head-on collision with another vehicle, causing serious injury to the other driver. Client’s blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

Before trial, Attorney Ryan Friedman helped enroll client in an in-patient alcohol rehabilitation program. Friedman was able to continue the case long enough for client to establish 6 months of in-patient rehabilitation, and 3 months of supervised sober living before entering an admission to the DUI. Prior to these efforts, the District Attorney was adamant that the client serve no less than 5 years in state prison.

Because client had done a phenomenal job at his efforts of rehabilitation, Attorney Ryan Friedman was able to convince the judge to undercut the District Attorney’s offer from 5 years down to 1.4 years, which client accepted. This resulted in a savings of 3.6 years in state prison on a case with terrible set of facts!