Narcotics Trafficking Case Dismissed Due to Bad Stop — Sacramento Case 19FE005011

Client was driving in a neighborhood that was notorious for narcotics activity. He was pulled over for not having his headlights on after dusk. A search of the client’s vehicle indicated 2 lbs of heroin. Client was charged with felony drug sales and transportation.

Attorney Ryan Friedman ordered a copy of the dashboard video camera data. The footage showed that while the sun had set, it was still sufficiently light outside to not warrant the use of headlights immediately after sunset.

Friedman filed a Motion to Suppress, arguing that the officer was incorrect as to the legal requirements for client to have operated the car without headlights. Upon review of Friedman’s Motion to Suppress, and the caselaw cited by Friedman, the District Attorney chose to dismiss the case. Because of client’s lengthy criminal history, this likely saved him a substantial amount of prison time.