From Life in Prison to 5 Years – Sacramento Case 15F05406

On June 23, 2016 a client who was looking at life in prison for numerous counts related to sexual molestation received a stipulated sentence of an effective 5 years state prison. Those accused of sexual molestation face unique challenges in the criminal courts. The stigma of being charged with a molestation related offense is prejudicial in itself. Despite instructions to the contrary, juries tend to assume that the accused is “guilty until proven innocent” instead of “innocent until proven guilty.” In many respects, it’s easier for a client to be charged with murder than molestation.

Mr. Friedman’s defense team conducted an extensive investigation into the alleged victims’ backgrounds, and was able to persuade the State that their case contained numerous problems of proof. Client’s attorney, Ryan Friedman, was able to provide mitigating circumstances for the State to consider. If convicted, client would face life in prison. However, Mr. Friedman was able to persuade the state that his client deserved leniency and the State agreed to a mitigated term of imprisonment of an effective 5 years.